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                            James offers 50/50 joint venture affiliate websites. – This site is owned by James Pybus and Louisa de Jong.

Affiliate Digital Marketer - James Pybus

Welcome to one of my affiliate marketing websites.

Affiliate marketing means I promote other businesses website products and services for a commission on sales.

We do not hold stock and we do not take payments through this website.

If you like a product and click the button next to the product “More Info” this takes you directly to the product supplier.

Payments, refunds, returns and customer service issues are dealt with by the product supplier.

We promote the products and earn the commission.

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James Pybus

Digital Marketer - Louisa de Jong

Louisa de Jong

Louisa de Jong is a digital marketer who has worked with SMEs to multi-national brands in Europe and Asia Pacific regions. She has helped B2B, B2C and NPOs create powerful digital strategies and plans which cut through in this competitive world.

Currently, Louisa focuses on helping SMEs to thrive – devising strategies for maximum growth and impact, and help with tactical implementation.

Louisa is also a Founding (Commercial) Director of The Pigment Trail, a tour agency running artist-led creative holidays to India and Europe.

Some other affiliate websites include:

  • www.designluxuria.com
  • www.quirkyhomeaccessories.com
  • www.keywordstrategytool.com
  • www.petaccessoriesuk.com
  • www.writerinyourpocket.com
  • www.exercise-supplements.com
  • www.classiccarrepublic.com
  • www.yourdepartment.store

My children earn their pocket money from their own toy website https://toyseverywhere.co.uk/ it helps them understand business.